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How Do You Know If You Need Wide Shoes?

A large and ever-increasing percentage of the population have wide feet. This can be simply how we are born, or for other reasons which shall be explored below. The vast majority of people do not know that they actually need wide shoes. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of shoe vendors offer most styles and sizes in regular width shoes. This leaves people without the option of actually considering getting wide shoes, or finding wide shoe styles that they find appealing and aesthetically ideal.

We can become complacent and no longer challenge our assumptions about what is comfortable in life, starting with our feet. We forget that our feet change shape over the course of our lifetime. Feet have a tendency to get wider as we approach our thirties, forties and beyond- even if we thought we had no need for wide shoes earlier in life. Let ss remember to challenge our basic assumptions about what feels good and what we wish to improve. This can begin with rethinking our shoe wear and opting for wide shoes!

If you have wide feet, it can be a frustrating experience to try on many shoes and not have them fit properly. We may blame the size or style and keep going around in circles until we eventually find something that fits well enough. You will not have the comfort you deserve and desire and will simply make do. The option of wide shoes can mean you can have perfectly fitting shoes that look wonderful- and not compromise on comfort at all.

Foot size is indeed a hereditary component of our make-up. Families often find they all have similarly shaped wide feet and will often have the same requirements in terms of needing wide shoes. Tall stature can be another factor for why we have wide feet. Interestingly, being very fit and muscular can also widen our feet.

We can also develop a need for wide shoes due to other reasons including hammer toe, bunions, bone inflammation, overuse, bone spurs, flat feet and tendonitis. These are very common, undiagnosed foot issues that will benefit from the comfort of wide shoes. The use of wide shoes will mean that there is less pressure on the areas of the foot where there is pressure, tenderness or pain. It is a simple shift we can make that will change how we feel every single day. Interestingly, the foot issues mentioned here can be a reason to buy wide shoe but also can be caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow.

There are many signs that you need wide shoes. Blisters, bunions, corns, sore arches and heels, the need to remove your shoes as soon as possible and feeling cramped or too hot in the feet are just some. Changing to wide shoes can alleviate these problems and make you realize that you can have the comfort, support and style that you deserve. Life is too short to expect anything less than perfect comfort!

In the search for perfectly fitting shoes- the option of adjustable shoes can be a wonderful choice. They allow you to take control of just how wide you would like to make your shoe and they can be adjusted if you want to change the feel. Many people dance at the end of the day when our feet are at their largest and widest, so adjustable shoes make perfect sense for the dancer.

Thank you for exploring the ways in which we know if we have wide feet. May we always remember to aim for perfect comfort whilst maintaining our grace and elegance in wide shoes for wide feet!