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This is a step-by-step guide to give you maximum confidence your beautiful shoes will fit.

1. Ensure you have the right size
This is an easy one, as the right size should be the shoe size you have been using all your adult life.

2. Check your foot length
Check that your selected size matches your foot length using the table and picture below. To measure your foot length, place it on a sheet of paper and draw an outline around it, ensuring that the pen is kept vertical and as close to your foot as possible.

shoe sizes

3. Converting sizes
If you need to convert to UK, Australian or Japanese sizes you can refer to our women's sizes and men's sizes charts.

4. Allow for materials
You have a great choice of different materials, including leather, suede, satin and high quality imitation patent. Each of these materials behave differently.
  • LEATHER shoes will mold to the shape of your foot, and after a few months will fit precisely and feel nice and soft. Our guideline: buy leather shoes that are close fitting but not too much. They will feel a bit tight to begin with, but after a while will feel incredibly comfortable.
  • SUEDE shoes will give more than any material, because suede leather is softer than normal leather. Our guideline: buy suede shoes that are quite close fitting. Like leather, they will feel a bit tight to begin with but will mold precisely around your feet.
  • SATIN shoes are firm and will not mold much. Our guideline: buy satin shoes that not close fitting, which sometimes means going half size up.
  • PATENT shoes are also quite firm and close fitting. They will hold their shape for a very long time. Our guideline: buy patent shoes that not close fitting, which sometimes means going half size up.

5. Choose the toe of your shoe wisely
Open and peep toe shoes have a opening at the end that shows all or some of of the toes. Close toe shoes completely enclose the toes.

6. Choose the correct heel height
The height of the heel is measured from its tip on the ground, to where it meets the shoe body. Be quite careful with which heel you select. Some of the shoes on the website have options ranging from the low to extremely high. Measure the length of the heel against your existing shoes to see which height you prefer.

heel height

7. Changing sizes
You've ordered your shoes, performed the size check... and found you need to change your size? You have 24 hours from the time we email you the invoice to reply to the email, telling us of your revised size. Easy!