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Buyer Reviews

Below is a selection of real reviews from our buyers, received in the last few months.

Love these shoes. Always wanted ribbons tied around the ankle. Have had lots of compliments!!!
- L, November 2012 [style: Ribbons of Mystery - Satin]

Perfect fit for difficult feet with bunion. My shoes arrived last week, and I couldn't believe they fitted so well. Wore them for a tango tea dance last Sunday from 1.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. So comfortable, so stable. They were greatly admired by the ladies and also the gentlemen. I danced as never before. What more can I say, but hope they last a long time! They fit perfectly - look wonderful. The highest heels I've ever had! Look forward to choosing another pair in the near future. Will pass on your web site to friends!
- Carol, November 2012 [style: Shimmer - fully leather, fully adjustable]

Soft, fit, good for everything.
- Jie, October 2012 [style: Shadows and Whispers - satin covered with lace]

These shoes are made of the softest leather and even after 3 hours my feet don't hurt. Very comfortable.
- Brigitte, October 2012 [style: Almost a Kiss - fully leather]

These shoes fit very well. I have 2 pairs of the same shoes, one with higher heels and they both are comfortable and look beautiful on my slim feet.
- Kim, October 2012 [style: Shimmer - fully leather, fully adjustable]

I love these shoes, they are comfortable and very sexy. They fit well and I am happy with my purchase!
- Katherine, October 2012 [style: Pink Fashionista]

Hello! I received my shoes and they are wonderful! Thank you so much for all your help and timely communication! Besos from a very happy customer!
- Anne, October 2012 [style: Delicate Allure]

So far I'm absolutely LOVING my new shoes! They are as beautiful as they looked in the pictures, if not more so. The quality seems very high and they fit well. The strap that comes up the top of my foot is slightly more loose than expected, but it doesn't effect how well they stay on my feet when I walk, so it doesn't bother me. They've been the hit of my friends, and tons of people have asked where I got them. I can tell already that they work so much better than the last pair I was using. Thank you!
- Heather, September 2012 [style: Fire and Dreams]

The shoes are from soft leather and are very comfortable. The size was consistent with other shoes I buy in the same size. The adjustability is a good option, as I have rather wide feet, with one foot slightly wider than the other. The only thing I would change is to have dark coloured suede sole rather than cream. Thank you.
- Grazyna, September 2012 [style: Shimmer]

The shoes are beautiful and very comfortable.
- Anon, September 2012 [style: Shimmer]

Love at first sight! A very comfortable, elegant shoe. Excellent quality and service, im very pleasd with them.
- Anon, September 2012 [style:Black Knowledge - Practice]

Happily, I can now inform you that I've just been to the post office to pick up the last pair of shoes which I ordered from you - and they are really nice - they both look good and fit my feet. So, all in all, it has been a pleasure to deal with you. I am now well prepared for the upcoming dark and cold Northern Norwegian winter season. Thanks again - and best of luck with your continuous efforts in serving the best of shoes. I apologise for the moments of doubt that came to me regarding whether the second pair of shoes would find their way to me. Best regards from the high north.
- Lodve, September 2012

I wanted to let you know that I have received and tried my new shoes: they fit perfectly! Thank you for your good service.
- Aline, September 2012

I just received them last night! Great - they look beautiful! They fit well and are fantastic shoes!
- Jake, August 2012

Hello! I received my shoes about 10 days ago. They are beautiful.
- Anne, August 2012

I bought these, very worried about them but quality was great. They fit and loook great.
- Dncer, July 2012

I meant to email you to advise that my shoes finally arrived and they are a perfect fit - so very happy.
- N, July 2012

I found these shoes a perfect comfortable fit, they are very light, have a nice soft leather that fits nice & snug. Excellent sole. They are very well priced for what you get!
- Matt, July 2012

I am always hesitant to order shoes online because I am extremely particular about comfort. However, I wanted an attractive, quality shoe to wear. I searched many websites and chose this store primarily because I could order wide as well as a lower heel. The 2.25 is perfect. I feel stable yet feminine. The fit and comfort are both amazing. I am an athlete - run and cross train - and exercise 1-3 hours a day and on my feet, so comfort and flexibility for agility are musts. The only reason for the 4 instead of 5 star rating is the ankle strap was a bit too long... Of course, I have thin legs and better too long than too short, as this was easily correctable. A friend suggested I get these shoes for their comfort. An added bonus - the first evening I wore them to my studio, several people approached me with compliments and wanted to know where I had gotten my shoes! They are stunning to top it all off! Invest in quality shoes - you won't regret it!
- SoCal 44 and fit, July 2012

I have a very problematic and wide feet. But this adjustable shoes are not only beautiful outside, but very comfortable and light, and I can walk in them all night long. And I am an older woman and far from being young. Wonderful shoes. I wish there would be more selections of these shoes. Thank you.
- Alex, June 2012

i bought this pair with high hopes and they turned out to be even better than expected. the shoes feel great at my feet, they are very comfortable and versatile at the same time. ever since i put them on, i have never stepped on my teacher again, and greatful for that...
- Andros, June 2012

The shoes have arrived! They fit and they are fantastic!!! I'm going to wear them tonight!
- H, June 2012

Woohoo!!! They arrived this morning. Love them - absolutely perfect. Can't wait to try them out this weekend. Thank you so much for speedy turnaround and excellent customer service. Hope to use you again in the future.
- Lindsay, May 2012

My feedback is that these shoes are just simply gorgeous! The only trivial problem is that the heels are long, but that was my fault, I ordered the 4 inch heels and I should have ordered the 3.5 inch heels. Next time I will know. Service was great, all my questions answered immediately. Basically happy, thanks.
- Sharon, April 2012

Hi, I am writing back as you asked for some feedback. It took about 3 weeks to get the shoes, and I was hoping to get them a bit quicker. I admit I was a bit worried as these are not a famous brand. But the shoes are pretty good. Well designed, look very expensive, nice and confortable, and really hold my foot well. Also thank you for keeping me informed about tracking and aqnswering my questions. Will come back hopefully for my next pair.
- Jasmine, April 2012

Had tried a few well known brand but had find the shoes from you so far the best in terms of comfort. After trying that is so soft but with good support. The front do not eat into my toes and I can moved them too. Able to move the toes due to satin fabric makes it easier to Pivot. Until I find some other shoes to replace this one I definitely will continue to buy more and wear that. Really good value for Money
- Virginia, April 2012

Just got these in the mail, wanted to say these are fantastic! Thank you for quick service and attending to my changing needs. x
- Agnus, April 2012

- Hi, I bought this and it was wonderful. Would really recommend it. Hugs!
Jo, March 2012